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What not to do when your child starts talking

What not to do when your child starts talking

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Your baby is saying his first words, it is important that you stimulate him during this breakthrough. You can play with him a multitude of games that help him develop the language correctly, but your impatience to help him often translates into an attitude that can slow down his development. On our site we tell you some of the things you should never do when you start talking.

1- Do not interrupt
Let him speak at his own pace, even if it's slow. Do not change the subject or prevent him from expressing himself in any way, since he needs to know that language is important to communicate with you and with his environment.

2- Do not finish their sentences
Sometimes children do not know enough vocabulary and they are thinking in the middle of a sentence, do not finish it to speed up the conversation, let him speak, and explain new words to him to increase his vocabulary.

3- Do not correct him
When he misuses a word, do not correct him, continue the conversation as if it were normal. Those poorly done words will be hilarious, you can laugh but always in a way that does not frustrate your child. You can introduce the well-spoken word back into the conversation next time.

4- Always try to answer him
When he asks you something, even if you are very busy, always try to answer him and give explanations about his curiosity, this will expand his vocabulary.

5- Don't talk to him in a more childish way
It is necessary to be careful with the vocabulary, and use phrases according to their age, but you should not fall into the mistake of speaking to them as if they were babies, or as if they did not understand.

6- don't delete too many words
Sometimes we try to make the language too easy, and it really is necessary for them to learn new words, so within your sentence try to introduce a word that they do not know and then explain its meaning.

7- Give him time to answer
In his brain the words come at a slower pace, sometimes it is difficult for him to answer because he cannot find the exact words and that causes them anger because they feel unable to communicate. You have to give them time, try to help them express themselves when they are frustrated and make them see that you understand them.

8- Do not answer for him
When they ask him something on the street, and he is not able to answer or remains silent, try to respect those silences and do not answer for him, at least for a while, since if we rush him we can create anxiety.

In a short time, your child will be able to speak perfectly to you and it will be one of the most beautiful experiences you will have had with him: teaching him to communicate with others.

Through simple games you can stimulate the baby's speech in a fun and entertaining way for both of you. Follow these 6 games to help your baby talk:

1 - Games with children's songs
Music is a very educational tool when it comes to stimulating children's speech. It is a great encouragement for them to talk when trying to sing. Pick some simple nursery rhymes for your baby that talk about things like colors, numbers, days of the week, or body parts.

2. Game of Cucu-trás
The cucutrás is a classic game that not only makes the baby laugh but also encourages him to express himself and talk. Hide behind your hands and by appearing, your baby can tell you something.

3. Game of gestures
Stand in front of the mirror with your baby and make happy, sad, angry or scared faces. You give each of the gestures a name and encourage your baby to imitate you. He will try to repeat the name of each gesture.

4. Games with animal sounds
Make animal sounds and ask the child to identify what it is. You can help him the first few times by anticipating the answer. When you play again, he will already know that if you say "loooooo", he will have to answer 'cow'.

5. Games with the tongue
To train the movements of the tongue and favor the learning of speech, we can ask the baby that the mouth is a door, when we ring the bell, which is in his nose, he must let his tongue out and then put it back in. It is a favorable exercise for the speech of babies.

6. Games with the phone
With a toy phone you can have a fun conversation with your baby. Together, you can communicate with different languages. This game is great for stimulating baby to talk.

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