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34 phrases for united and happy families that will thrill you

34 phrases for united and happy families that will thrill you

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Each family is different, each one has different characteristics. Some are big and others girls, some fun and others more serious, but there is something they all have in common: love. The family is the first social nucleus that we know, in which we learn to love with the heart. The family also accepts us and loves us no matter what happens, therefore, it does not hurt to be grateful for everything we do as a family for each other. 34 phrases for united and happy families that will excite you.

With a beautiful phrase to write on a piece of paper and put it on the refrigerator, or send it to the WhatsApp of the family group, we can thank our family and show all the love that exists within our home. On our site we want to help you inspire you, that's why we offer you these beautiful proposals for phrases to thank as a family.

1. This family is the best gift that life has given us. Thank you!
Because a family is a wonderful gift that life offers us, that is why we must learn to value it.

2. Thank you family for always offering me a selfless friendship
Parents, siblings, uncles, grandparents or cousins ​​can become great friends and always without expecting anything in return.

3. The family loves you and appreciates you just the way you are.
Exact! A loving family will always accept who you are, even if there are things they disagree on, they end up understanding and supporting you.

4. What makes us a united family is not the blood, but the heart
It is important to always keep this in mind, because a family is much more than kinship. A family is thanks to the love they have, that is what is really important.

5. There is nothing more rewarding than spending time with your family
The perfect phrase for those families who know how to enjoy the company of their members.

6. I love my family, from here to the moon and beyond
A demonstration of the gigantic love you have for your adorable family.

7. Family is the compass that guides our path, the inspiration to walk to the top of the mountain and the greatest comfort when something goes wrong
And it is that the family is always by our side in our walk through life.

8. The happiest moments of my life have been at home with my family
If you want to dedicate a nice detail to your family on this special day, what do you think of a phrase as emotional as this?

9. Thanks to my family, for making my smile brighter and my laugh louder
The perfect phrase for those families who spend the day laughing.

10. Thank you family, for always being by my side and being all my heart
When there is something in particular to be thankful for, this phrase is very comforting

11. Thank you for being who you are and being in my life
Because sometimes we just have to give thanks because the people we have by our side, like the members of our family, are themselves. They are perfect that way, right?

12. Family ... where life begins and love never ends
Well, yes, in the bosom of our family we are born and we feel loved all our lives.

13. In this house we are ourselves, we are grateful, we make mistakes, we forgive ourselves, we have fun, we give each other hugs and, above all, we love each other
Because no family is perfect, but perhaps that is the secret of a family that is loved and respected.

14. We are not an ordinary family, what does it matter? What really matters is that whatever happens, we always support each other
For those families different from the conventional ones that nevertheless know the main family values ​​and carry them out.

15. Award for the best family, because we are always a united team, we protect, support and listen
It is important to focus on those aspects that as a family make us always stay together.

16. Family means that you will love and be loved for the rest of your life, no matter what happens.
That is the beauty of family, an eternally reciprocated love

17. Family: The greatest blessing in life; a group that dreams, laughs, plays and loves together, with whom you can always count on; always present, not just in good times; the most precious gift.
Write the phrase as if it were the meaning of the dictionary. It's lovely, right?

18. I have many valuable things in my life, but the most precious of all is my family
Because it is important to value what you have, that the most important thing is always non-material things like family.

19. Family means no one is left behind and no one forgets
Any step that is taken as a family is done all together, all together, because that way the path becomes better.

20. My family: a little crazy, a little loud, and a lot of love
For those families who have a great time, who like to do crazy things and laugh at themselves, and who, in short, love each other with their hearts.

21. The little moments that we spend as a family will tomorrow become precious memories
What a beautiful way to thank all those wonderful moments that many times we do not give importance in the day to day as a family and that one day will become indelible memories.

22. Family is the key to happiness
When a family respects and loves each other, happiness is assured.

23. Family is like music. Has sharps and flats, but always makes a nice song
Because not always everything is easy in families, but the important thing is that in the end they have harmony and learn to love each other as they are.

Many of the family phrases they have no clear authorship; On the other hand, there are many others that we 'owe' to illustrious people from the world of cinema or literature. These are the messages of some great thinkers of all time.

24. The family is a great institution
Groucho Marx is responsible for these words that contain a lot of truth, and that is that we must always respect the elderly.

25. A home will be strong when it is supported by these four columns: a brave father, a wise mother, an obedient son, and a willing brother.
All members of a family clan have a prominent role to make it work. If one fails, everything falls apart as Confucius wanted to say.

26. For a non-violent person, everyone is family
The great Gandhi understood that the family is not only those who bear our own blood, but also those who surround us and with whom we have a lot of contact.

27. Family is the only thing that adapts to our needs
The former singer of the Beatles, Paul McCartney, wants to convey with these words the message that the family will always be there for good and for bad.

28. A house without children is like a hive without bees
Those who have children know, as the playwright Victor Hugo said, that they are the joy of the house.

29. A man should not neglect the family for business
Do you know what Walt Disney meant to us with this phrase? Family is worth more than any gold in the world!

30. From the family we learn to take care of the other, the good of the other, to love the harmony of creation and to enjoy and share its fruits, favoring a rational, balanced and sustainable consumption
Many are the words that Father Francisco dedicates to families because the family bosom is the best school for a child.

31. The future of society depends on the family. Your role is basic for peace
Another pope, John Paul II, gave us this precious phrase. How right he was!

32. What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family
Teresa of Calcutta also wanted to share with this message that the family is a responsible part that we can all live in a world in peace.

33. There is nothing like home and family to be really comfortable
This phrase by the writer Jane Austen reminds us of the Spanish saying 'home sweet home'.

34. Thank you family for always giving me wings to fly, roots to return and reasons to stay
A phrase inspired by the Dalai Lama, which has to do with unconditional love, that which lets go but is also always waiting and welcomes with open arms.

Words are undoubtedly powerful. We can 'play' with them to form words, messages or congratulations, but also to shape poetry that, later, we can give to our parents, cousins, brothers, uncles or grandparents. Here we have prepared the best selection of short poems to express feelings towards our loved ones.

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