8 ideas to decorate balloons with children

8 ideas to decorate balloons with children

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To make this tiger-shaped balloon you need: an orange balloon, a permanent marker, tissue paper and colored cardboard.

Blow up the orange balloon and use a permanent black marker to paint three triangles on the sides of what will be the tiger's face. Cut out two circles and glue them in the center of the balloon, they will be the eyes. To make the muzzle, cut out a pink cardboard triangle and glue it under the eyes, then paint two whiskers with the marker.

To finish, cut out two half moons of pinocchio paper and two smaller ones of pink cardboard. Glue the small ones on the big ones and these on the balloon as ears. A horizontal line and several vertical lines between the ears will put the end to this entertaining craft.

Learn to draw a tiger mask

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