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Carola's nightmare. Stories to improve children's behavior

Carola's nightmare. Stories to improve children's behavior

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The stories are a great resource to teach values ​​to children, so that they learn what happens with bad behavior and promote good behavior.

Carola's nightmare is one of those Children's Stories that help us improve children's behavior. It is a story to read to children who tend to have bad behavior and to reflect on their actions. If your child tends to disobey, is always angry and does not behave as he should, do not stop reading this story with values ​​for children.

Carola was lying on the couch at home very bored.

"Mom, I don't know what to do," she said lazily.

- You can paint a picture and then color it - her mother answered while ironing the clothes.

- I don't want to, painting bores me - Carola said.

"I know," said his mother. You can play hairdressers and make a nice braid on your doll.

"I don't want to, that bores me too," the girl protested again.

- Call Maria, and you play something - his mother said impatiently again.

- I do not want; yesterday I was angry with her - The girl answered making a face.

Her mother looked at her worriedly, stopping ironing. Carola was bored all day, protesting and watching cartoons on television.

- Why don't you take your bike out to the garden? - Her mother said trying to encourage the girl by resuming her task.

- I do not want; I get bored riding a bicycle - she said stretching lazily on the couch without even looking at her.

Her mother was increasingly concerned about Carola's behavior.

- Tomorrow we will go to spend the day in the country and we will bathe in the river - he said.

- I don't want to go to the river, the mosquitoes bite me and I also can't swim. - Gross!

- We are going to spend the day in the country! - said his father at night. Like it or not! And Carola went protesting very angrily to bed, without wanting to have dinner.

The next day they called Carola who got out of bed protesting again.

- I hate you! You're always bugging me! - He said whimpering. - I want to have other parents! Why don't you let me live in peace? And he left the room making a lot of noise, without having breakfast.

But this time her parents weren't willing to give in to her whims and continued talking to each other without paying attention to her words.

During the ride in the car they hardly spoke. They came to a beautiful place where there was a green meadow, a river with transparent waters and an area of ​​trees. It was the ideal place to spend the day.

Her parents started playing ball and called her:

- Carola, come play!

But the girl stood with her arms crossed showing her anger and thinking they were horrible parents who didn't love her And, with that thought, she sat leaning against the trunk of a tree and fell asleep.

- I don't want to go, I'm bored! It's a bummer to have you as parents! You are always forcing me to do things I don't want to. I want to leave this house!

And then something happened that Carola did not expect. His mother said:

- Very good, if that's what you want I'll help you prepare your luggage.

Carola followed her mother. Surprised, she saw how she opened the door of her closet and took down one of her dresses. He folded it carefully and put it in a small suitcase; then he packed a jacket, socks, and shoes. Finally, she chose some panties and an undershirt and zipped up.

"That's it," he said. And he turned, indifferently offering her the suitcase.

- I'll put you a sandwich in case you get hungry tonight - he spoke without looking at her.

- Luis! -he called the father - Come say goodbye to Carola who is going to find better parents than us.

Her father came into the room, hugged her and, accompanying her to the door, said:

- Good luck to you, darling!

Then Carola began to cry in silence and, when she wanted to realize it, she heard a loud slam of the door and found herself in the street.

- I do not want to leave! - She said without hiding her tears, pounding on the door.

- I do not want to leave! - He screamed crying. - I don't want to look for other parents!

- Carola, Carola! - Her parents said shaking her nervously.

When she woke up she saw her parents hugging her and looking scared.

She realized that they had always cared for her, that they loved her very much and she was behaving very badly.

He hugged them both still crying and said:

- I love you! I want to play ball with you!

His parents looked at each other happily. They did not know what had made the girl change her behavior, but from that day on, Carola was much more obedient and not capricious. He also gave many kisses to his parents.

Everything changed a horrible nightmare.

If you liked the story, you cannot stop doing the following exercises that we propose. All of them will help you to know if your child has been attentive to reading and if he has been able to extract the general message that he transmits. To do this, we propose some fun activities that you can propose as a game.

1. Questions and answers
First of all, we suggest some reading comprehension questions that your child should answer based on what you have read in the text. In case you have doubts about any of the answers, do not hesitate to return to the story and reread it.

  • How did Carola feel at the beginning of the story?
  • Did Carola want to go swimming in the river with her parents?
  • Why was Carola angry with her parents? What did he say?
  • How does the story ends?

2. Who said this
Below you will find some pieces of dialogue from the story. Will you be able to remember who said it in the story?

  • I don't want to paint, it bores me a lot.
  • Why don't you take your bike out to the garden?
  • I want to have other parents!
  • If that's what you want, I'll help you pack.
  • I love you!

3. Make up a song
A very fun way to test your child's reading comprehension is by asking him to write a letter for a song based on the story you have read. You just have to invent a melody or take a song that you already know and tell Carola's story ... with a lot of rhythm!

4. Order the excerpts from the story
As part of these reading comprehension exercises, we propose some phrases referring to this story that you have to order so that they make sense.

  • Carola's mother began to worry about her daughter's attitude and behavior: everything seemed wrong to her, she was angry all the time, she didn't want to do anything ...
  • Good thing Carola woke up! It had all been a horrible nightmare; her parents still loved her as much as ever.
  • Since Carola did not want to have them as parents, her mother helped her pack her suitcase so that she could go and find others.
  • Carola reacted very annoyed when her parents suggested that she go to the river to bathe.

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