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Baby changes at week 9 in the mother's gut

Baby changes at week 9 in the mother's gut

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In the week 9 baby in mommy's gut, the embryo has already formed the basic structure of its body and its little face and you, little by little, begin to feel the increase in your belly ... and that your little one only measures three centimeters, similar to the size of an olive! , and weighs more or less 40 grams! What else changes are there these days within the first trimester?

I imagine that you will want to have your baby close and that you think that there is still a lot left. So that your wait does not become so long, we are going to tell you how your little one is inside your belly.

- In his face, the eyes that were lateral, become more frontal and his eyelids are already well formed, but you won't be able to open them until week 27.

- The lips are also fully formed and the ears will be fully developed this week, both outside and inside.

- The heart divides into 4 chambers and valves begin to form.

- Your bones begin to develop and they will grow up to adolescence. Its body lengthens and since its embryonic tail has disappeared, it already looks more like a human.

- He begins to move his hands and legs, Although you still can't feel it

- The placenta is more developed and fulfills its function of feeding the little one.

- As for their digestive organs, they are practically all formed and the kidneys can now produce urine, the liver secrete bile and the pancreas produce insulin. As for their sexual organs, they have already developed, but their sex cannot be seen yet.

As I told you at the beginning, it may be that in this week 9 you begin to feel your tummy grow, your waist changes and your pants no longer fit as they used to, you may also feel slight stomach pains. In your breasts, the areolas will begin to turn somewhat darker and, in general, you will feel more sensitive and tingly.

Regarding physical ailmentsFor some women, nausea and vomiting will be very intense, to the point of losing weight, due to not wanting to eat due to the same discomfort that you experience at the digestive level and due to the frequency of vomiting. 75% of pregnant women can suffer from these ailments.

On the other hand, heartburn, fatigue and mood swings will persist. Increase your sensitivity to smells (coffee, cigarettes, perfumes), although in others it can decrease sensitivity to taste and smell due to congestion that occurs at the level of the nasal passages.

The Headaches They can appear recurrently and in this week the so-called 'cravings' begin to appear, which are impulsive desires to eat strange foods that you usually eat.

If for you, this is a desired pregnancy, enjoy each of the changes and situations that arise around it. Feel very happy, that will help you carry those changes in the best way. And if instead, it is a pregnancy that you did not expect or did not want at the moment, it is time for you to relax and try to take it with ease and think that God is not wrong and that you will be a great mother.

- Keep in touch with your gynecologist and he goes to his appointments and performs all the indications of the same.

- Eat a healthy and balanced diet with excellent hydration, especially foods rich in vitamin C, folic acid, iron.

- If you start to suffer from constipation, eat high-fiber foods, copious amounts of fruits and vegetables and plenty of water.

- Avoid drinking coffee and tea in excess (2 cups in the morning maximum).

- Avoid cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

- To improve the annoying nausea, relax and take a deep breath and takes small but frequent sips of water.

- If you feel your pis somewhat swollen, Lie down frequently with your feet up and reduce the salt of meals and watch your blood pressure figures.

- You should go thinking together with your husband or partner about how start taking prepartum courses.

- Stay active (exercises, swimming, yoga) as long as you have no contraindications from your gynecologist.

- Share with your husband or partner each and every one of these moments, whether they are good or not so good for you, since this way you will enjoy them more and the future father will feel part of this whole process, as it should be.

- And remember, maintaining your sexual relations is valid and important if there are no contraindications on the part of your gynecologist, but do not be surprised that your libido decreases a little due to hormonal action and discomfort typical of pregnancy.

- Enjoy, be happy and always have positive thoughts.

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