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Santo Gonzalo Day, November 25. Names for boys

Santo Gonzalo Day, November 25. Names for boys

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Gonzalo is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means 'prepared for combat'. It is thus a strong and powerful name that can be perfect for your child. Gonzalo is gaining popularity in recent years for that exquisite and distinguished touch that he brings. Celebrate your name day November 25, what is the day of Saint Gonzalo.

Because of the meaning of his name, Gonzalo has a charismatic personality full of charm and attractiveness. His brave and risky nature makes him a born entrepreneur and his success in social relationships is based on his open nature, his sympathy and his generosity.

The name Gonzalo is known throughout the world thanks to the Germanic tradition. Gonsalve, Gonçal Gonzalve or Gontzal are some of its best known variants, all of them very attractive and that transport us to a medieval world of knights, warriors and nobles. Today Gonzalo is on the verge of regaining the enormous popularity he enjoyed in the Middle Ages.

The amount of literary references that can be made of Gonzalo may help you to choose the name of your baby. From the one who was considered the first Spanish poet, Gonzalo de Berceo and his 'Mester de clerecía' to the prolific writer Gonzalo Torrente Ballester, author of 'Los gozos y las sombra' or 'Chronicle of the stunned king', among other titles.

Throughout history, counts, explorers and conquerors have carried your son's name around the world. And at present, it is in the actors' union where we find more extensive representation with Gonzalo Heredia, Gonzalo Ramos or Gonzalo de Castro.

On November 25, the Catholic Church also recognizes other saints who, although less popular, celebrate their big day today. Here is the complete list!

- Saint Catherine of Alexandria
- San Adelardo
- San Alano
- San Dubricio
- Saint Erasmus
- San García de Arlanza
- Santa Jucunda
- San Marculo
- San Maurino
- San Mercurio
- Saint Moses Martyr
- Saint Peter bishop and martyr
- Saint Peter Yi Hoyong
- San Riel

AND, What about the remaining days before the end of the eleventh month of the year? Write down on your calendar because in the following dates you may have a friend or acquaintance named like that and you have to congratulate them:

- Conrado, November 26
- Milagros, November 27
- Jaime, November 28
- Saturnino, November 29
- Andrés, November 30

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Have you ever heard of numerology, the science that describes people according to the number that governs their name? And it is that behind each consonant and vowel of Gonzalo's name, a digit is hidden. If we add all of them until we only have one left, we will get as a result 5. Find out what positive and negative connotations it has and what it tells us about the personality of those so called.

- The good thing about children 5
The 5 is synonymous with independence and freedom, so from a very young age you will notice how your child will want to do things for himself. It will be quite autonomous and that will make your life much easier, although we will also tell you that it will be quite an earthquake, so you will have to be very alert that it does not commit any fat mischief. In addition, they are very sociable and fun children, and they will not have much trouble making friends or joining a new group of people.

- The bad of children 5
They have a very defined personality and great charisma, but what can happen is that they themselves fall into their own trap and that they can turn into somewhat vain children at times. You will have to set limits if this happens! Teach him values ​​like respect, kindness, and tolerance.

When it comes to setting the criteria for choosing a baby name, each person has their own preferences. Some look at its length (whether it is long or short), also its origin or provenance (English or French names) and, others, the letters it begins with. If you like Gonzalo because it begins with the fifth consonant of the alphabet, perhaps these options may also interest you!

- Gabriel
It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'God is my strength'. Gabriel, the name of the archangel who announced the news of Jesus' birth, appears in Christian, Jewish, and Muslim texts. The name has become one of the favorite biblical names, and it has been a very important choice in the 21st century.

- Gael
It comes from the old Gaelic word Goídel, which means 'Irish', and refers to a specific group of linguistic ethnology descended from the Celtic tribes (the others are the Picts and the Bratons). Being a short and loud name, it has become very fashionable.

- Gaspar
It refers to the third Wise King who went to visit the child Jesus in Bethlehem and who was the bearer of the present of Myrrh. Perhaps, if your child is born in the middle of Christmas, this name may be perfect for him.

- Gerardo
It is a very popular name in Spain, Italy and Mexico. In other languages, they refer to him as Gerard. It means 'tough' and 'brave' and its origin is French, although it was introduced in the Middle Ages in England.

- Ginés
This name derives from the ancient Greek and the word genesis, therefore its translation would be 'the one that generates or refers to birth'. Celebrate your birthday on August 25.

- William
We are facing a name of Germanic origin composed of the elements willeo (will, determination) and helm (protection, helmet), therefore its full meaning would be resolved protector. William is the most popular name introduced to England by the Normans. It was led by William the Conqueror, who invaded England, and by three other English kings.

- Gustavo
The Spanish form is the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian form of the male Scandinavian name Gustav. Do you want to know when this name was used for the first time? In the 13th century!

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