Cooking with children: French toast

Cooking with children: French toast

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. invites you to cook with your children. Parents and children will enjoy preparing delicious delicacies in the kitchen. Cooking is also playing, learning, and a delicious way to educate.

The purpose is to encourage and motivate parents to cook with the little ones in the house. Together, they will discover a real pleasure and a new way of sharing fun.

Choosing the recipe, gathering the ingredients and all the material they will need, is something that can change the conception of children about food and food.

A friend made some milk toast with her daughter to suck her fingers. They turned out great. Each one made a part of the recipe. One sliced ​​the bread, while the other mixed the milk or beat the eggs. A true teamwork. Together, parents and children, you can spend an afternoon in the kitchen and prepare a delicious snack like ours. We hope you enjoy and spend some really fun moments with your children in the kitchen. And what are you waiting for? Go for the aprons and ... to the kitchen with the children!

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