Hearts for all the children of the world for Valentine's Day

Hearts for all the children of the world for Valentine's Day

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Many couples think of a romantic dinner for two to celebrate Valentine's Day, but how about extending the party and inviting the whole family. Valentine can also be enjoyed talking about love to your children, your love, how you met, fell in love and the moment you realized that you could no longer live without each other, and you decided to live together.

On Valentine's Day it is very nice to relive with your partner and with your children the most romantic and beautiful memories of a love relationship through photo albums, for example. The photos of the wedding, the honeymoon, the holidays during the courtship, the birth of the first baby, will move you, they will take you to the best moments of the past, while you return to tread again all the footprints you have left during the path that you have traveled so far.

Take advantage of this special moment to tell stories and anecdotes to your children, take out personal items, memories of your travels, love letters, saved notes ... For your children it will be like watching a retrospective movie about their origins. Thanks to all that love the family arose and as a result of all that love they came.

And be prepared to answer a lot of questions.Dusting off memories and looking back won't just be fun for your kids. More than one of us will be excited to review the path traveled, now, in front of the family that we form.

Tears of happiness will reach our eyes for the desire to improve and fight on the road traveled, a spirit that on this day we must share with all those with heart disease, since this day, February 14, is celebrated a very special, the International Day of Congenital Heart Disease.

If you are not in a relationship with the children's father or if he is not there to share that moment, you can also take advantage of this day talk to your children about the importance of love in everyone's life. Although they do not currently live a love relationship between their parents, it is always good for them to know that they were the fruit of an immeasurable feeling, that he gave them life and that he will give them a family forever.

And is that the heart is a vital muscle, very important for life and for love. In Spain, about 4,000 children are born each year with a heart injury. Fortunately, medical advances have made 85 percent of these children reach adulthood today, thanks to prenatal diagnosis and subsequent treatments, which are increasingly precise and less aggressive. In the 1980s, the survival rate was only 20 percent. The Menudos Corazones Foundation is currently carrying out a very important mission to give love and support to all families in which there is a child with congenital heart disease.

Today, International Day of Congenital Heart Disease and Valentine's Day the heart is the connecting link for all families that believe in love. Everything is hearts in families where there is a priority: the need to take care of the heart in both senses, the emotional and the healthy.

Marisol New.

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