Carnival costumes for babies

Carnival costumes for babies

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Selection of images with ideas of pretty costumes for babies


Babies are there to eat whole! And they'll be even richer in this green bean costume. Very original, don't you think?

If it is very cold where you live, this Pepper costume is ideal for the baby. In addition to sheltering the little one, it allows him to move easily.

If you like bananas, why not dress up your baby as this fruit so loved by children. It shelters them and makes them even more handsome.

Quack quack! These may be the first words your baby will learn in this duck costume. A duck

also very beautiful.

If your baby is a girl, nothing better than this bunny costume, which mixes white with pink. Very funny and elegant.

'O-o-o…', says the Hippopotamus. A complete and unique costume, surely suitable for babies who live in places with low temperatures.

'Muuu ...!' It's what your child will learn to speak in this cow costume. An original, warm costume that favors all babies.

The tiger costume is one of the favorites for parents of babies. It's comfortable and looks great.

Bzzzsss! ... say the bees ... This original bee costume will look great on babies. It conveys tenderness and joy.

'Kaka-ra-kara ...!', That's what this beautiful white, white hen says. Babies will feel very comfortable and warm in this costume.

The monkey says 'I-I-A-A ...' A monkey costume, very 'cute' and fun, curious and original for the babies of the house.

This angel costume is very flattering for babies. It is as beautiful, cuddly and elegant as them.

The rabbit costume is very attractive to the little ones at home. Is it because of their big ears or because of the carrot they can carry in their hands?

This fairy costume is charming and fascinating. It is especially suitable for girls, although it can be perfectly adapted to boys.

This costume, be it a daisy or another flower, stands out for its bright and cheerful colors. The more shades you use, the more beautiful it will be.

The chef costume is very simple and easy to make. With a white hat and clothes, the baby will already be well disguised.

'Peep, peep ...', says the chick. This cute chick costume will leave babies beaming.