What is Gilbert's syndrome in children

What is Gilbert's syndrome in children

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Juan Luis Guerra already said it in that famous song: 'My bilirubin rises / when I look at you and you don't look at me'. Jaundice, and stress, is the syndrome that concerns us in this article.

Doctors call jaundice yellowing of skin and mucous membranes. There are many different diseases that can cause it. Gilbert's syndrome is one of the most innocent.

I like to say that Gilbert's syndrome 'is more a disease of the analysis than of the person', because many times we notice it casually when we ask a patient a biochemical study.

The cause that motivates it is a disorder in the conjugation of bilirubin. There is a genetic component to this disorder. As risk factors, we recognize three: fasting, breakthrough infections, and stress. In other words, predisposed children, before some of the risk factors that we have mentioned, will have an increase in bilirubin.

Is this fact of clinical significance? No. In fact, if we evaluate how the liver works in these children, we find that it does it in a wonderful way. Nor does it produce an elevation of transaminases. The physical examination will also be normal (the liver is not enlarged).

To diagnose it, no more than a simple blood test is needed. In it, all parameters will be normal, except for total bilirubin and indirect bilirubin, which will be slightly increased.

This box does not require any treatment. It should be noted that jaundice episodes tend to recur, especially if the risk factors described reappear.

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