The night of the arrival of the Magi

The night of the arrival of the Magi

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The big day has come! In Spain, thousands of children will take to the streets, some dressed up, others with Sunday on, and they will wait minutes and even hours, keeping the front row so as not to miss the sweets or a single detail of the Three Kings parade.

At night, it will be time to prepare a plate of milk and cookies to leave it next to the tree as a gift, because during the night the wise men.

At ten years old, my daughter no longer believes in the Three Wise Men. She knows, and at times she suspects, that it is her parents who buy the gifts that she asks for in her letter to the Three Wise Men, without us telling them anything.

This year there was no letter, but the illusion for a gift does exist. She told us. I always told him that something or someone exists from the moment we believe in it or in him. But this no longer convinces her about the Magi.

I don't know what will happen tonight. I don't know if she, as in all previous years, will leave buckets of water for the camels, or if she will leave each of the kings, a glass of wine and a piece of nougat or roscón de reyes.

Will you put a nice table and a message of affection for each of them? On the other hand, I also don't know if the wise men will leave footprints in the living room, if they will leave the windows open, or if she will leave some other surprise gift that she has not asked for. I put myself in the shoes of the Kings, and it squeezes my heart. They come from so far, bringing so many illusions and emotions, and they will not find my daughter's letter. For this reason, I think it would be best if they wrote to her, telling her the truth and sharing their great secret with her.

If I were a Queen Magician, I would begin my letter by asking her to keep her secret about what I was going to tell her. And it would make him reason about some little things like for example the fact that she is already 10 years old and that therefore is prepared to keep secrets and not reveal them to the little ones.

I would tell him that the truth is that there are no Three Kings, made of flesh and blood. Neither did the camels. That her parents are the ones who put the gifts while she sleeps. Yes, they are his parents. They leave their toys because they are proud of her, because they believe that you are a good daughter, a good friend, a good person, you are disciplined, studious and, like baby Jesus, you also deserve gifts.

I would tell you that few children are aware that the Magi exist only in the hearts of all the moms and dads in the world. And she would end by explaining that her parents are very happy because she exists, because they enjoy her way of being.

I think that this way my daughter will not be disappointed with the KingsYou will feel older and capable of assuming some truths, and of respecting the illusions of the little ones. At the end of the day what it is about is to relieve disappointment by satisfaction. And let's not forget the roscón !!! I hope you get a little gift.

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