Weaning the baby. Feeding in the eighth and ninth month

Weaning the baby. Feeding in the eighth and ninth month

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Feeding the baby and the end of breastfeeding means that many doubts arise in parents when it comes to knowing if they are giving their children the correct products during the weaning stage.

Once exclusive breastfeeding ends, according to experts in the sixth month of life, solid foods should be gradually introduced, following the energy needs and nutritional values ​​of the young, and maintaining the contribution of breast milk or formula until at least two years of life.

According to the specialists of National Institute of Pediatrics of Mexico and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, fruits, vegetables and cereals are included in the baby's diet from the sixth month, while meats, fish, legumes and eggs are recommended from the eighth.

When the little one turns eight months you can gradually introduce the meats, fish and eggs. The INP advises chicken and beef, well ground or pureed, as well as fish. For the egg, it is best to start with the cooked yolk.

As for the quantities, it is recommended to give one or two small scoops of these foods once or twice a day, interspersed with three or more tablespoons of vegetables, fruits and cereals. It is advisable that the meat and fish are first prepared alone to check the tolerance of the little one, before mixing it with vegetables.

Starting this month, the patterns of three meals a day with complementary foods, so that the baby adapts to the breakfast, lunch and dinner schedules.

Once the little one already eats vegetables, fruits, meats and fish, it can be included in his diet, from ninth month, legumes such as lentils or beans in porridge, in addition to new cereals based on wheat.

The amounts of foods already present in the diet can be kept the same as the eighth month, gradually increasing the variety. As to legumes, it is best to start with a tablespoon or two a day.


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