From zero to hero. Song of Hercules with message

From zero to hero. Song of Hercules with message

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Children's movies are full of songs with positive messages for children. In We bring you the best and best known such as the famous 'From zero to hero' by Hercules.

In this song, Disney wants to convey to us the importance of personal effort to achieve the goals that you set yourself. As Hercules' personal trainer did, we must encourage our children to continue fighting for what they believe in and we must teach them to believe in themselves.

Blessing! Hercules champion! Favorite part in opinion polls,

What a hottie! What a big heart!

Put it in front of a monster and you already have the attraction,

He was a Nobody Zero, zero!

Now he's a true hero!

He has never taken a step back!

From zero to hero in one step! He is the hero! It's all an ace!

Drive the girls crazy uuusss! and aaaass !!

and where you are, you see her face, beautiful face!

Between the coins and the paper, the bag will jump,

He is rich and famous. Our golden Greek is something to talk about!

say amen

Come see it! Sweet and triumphant always scoring 10!

They all go just to see, his perfect body those muscles move

Hercules is coming! Go and win! All the people go crazy

Made of bronze and marzipan! From zero to hero In a titan plan!

Now he is a hero. What a Don Juan!

Who is the ace of gladiators? Hercules!

Who is an honored leader? Hercules!

The best! How brave! What flavor! My favourite!

Hercules, Hercules, Hercules, Herculeeeees

Blessing! Hercules won!

10 stakes! I do not change although everyone congratulates him

He was a nobody! Zero zero!

Now he is a real hero!

It went from the ground to the sky! Yessss!

From zero to hero, he's a hero, he's a hero

Oooooooh !! It is so!

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