To the thinking corner! A punishment that doesn't work

To the thinking corner! A punishment that doesn't work

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It is one of the most classic punishments: to the corner of thinking. Nevertheless, experts warn us that this type of punishment does not work.

Will the children really use those minutes of isolation to think about what they did or to reflect on their actions? No they will not. They will entertain themselves with any small object they find or they will make their imaginations fly to reach their dream world.

There is no use for children to go to the thinking corner. I'm not saying it, the experts say it. It only serves for parents to have a few minutes of rest. The educational function is null, since the child will not use this time to reflect or analyze his behavior.

What the experts also tell us is that it's counterproductive, since we make the child think as a punishment formula. But thought, that sign of intelligence, criticism or reflection becomes a bad thing when used as punishment.

Children up to 6 years old are not able to really analyze their actions, before that age they will only repeat over and over again from their corner of thinking: 'I've already thought, can I go?' That is why parents must adopt other formulas, both before age 6 and after, such as dialogue or even punishment, but never punitive, but educational.

What is educational punishment? If the child has deliberately thrown the glass of water, he will have to pick it up or if he paints a wall, he will have to clean it. It is important that we be firm when it comes to reprimanding them, arguing why their behavior was not correct and teaching them to take the consequences.

Experts recommend that the punishment is applied whenever the child can have an alternative to repair the mistake, That is, if you have hit someone, you have to apologize, if you took something that was not yours, you will have to return it ...

If we send them to the corner, they won't learn why what they did is wrong and they won't have a chance to make amends. In addition, they will get used to that punishment and they will wait for it quite naturally, it is even possible that they themselves will go to the chair or to the thinking corner without our asking.

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