The best incubator for the premature baby is the warmth of its mother

The best incubator for the premature baby is the warmth of its mother

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There is nothing that a hug does not cure. That's what my mother always said when my brothers and I argued, or when we got hurt by a fall, or we were saddened by a bad grade. And it's true, the hug heals everything. I mean premature babies. The warmth of a mother's arms every day gains special importance in cases of prematurity.

The hug and warmth of a mother are considered more valuable than the most sophisticated and modern equipment a hospital can have. In fact, many hospitals are making every effort to replace, to the maximum allowed, incubators and all their technology and machinery, by the baby's contact with the mother. They think that the mother's lap brings many more benefits to the premature baby. That reminds me that about 8 or 9 years ago, on a visit to a friend who had just given birth to her baby in the seventh month of gestation, that apart from all the worry she had about her baby's development, she suffered from not being able to hug him, pick him up in her arms and give him all her warmth.

If she had had it now, she wouldn't go through this bad drink. Today, hospitals are increasingly removing time restrictions on parental baby visits. Some have even developed a special girdle that makes it easier to hold the baby and makes it more comfortable to apply the kangaroo mother method. Skin-to-skin contact between the baby and its parents is a practice that is gaining more ground and adherents every day, because it has been observed that after these more humanistic methods, cases of infections and mortality decreased, babies have better physical development , intellectual and affective, they avoid the stress caused by the constant noises of the incubators, and that is also endorsed by the World Health Organization-WHO.

Apart from skin-to-skin contact with their parents, the baby will not only feel their warmth, their smell, their voice, but will also hear the beating of their hearts.

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