The socks of Saint Nicholas. Turkish Christmas Legend

The socks of Saint Nicholas. Turkish Christmas Legend

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Does anyone know how Santa Claus started giving presents? And because? This beautiful story based on a Turkish legend brings us the story of Saint Nicholas, a bishop who liked to see people happy.

Take advantage of Christmas to tell the children this beautiful story from The Socks of Saint Nicholas and talk about the story of Santa Claus with them.

Hazan, Sila and Nor were three very poor Turkish girls, who lived with their father in a humble house. The father was very sad, because his daughters were growing up and he realized that he would not have enough money to pay a dowry the day they wanted to get married, since it was typical in Turkey to pay a dowry for each marriageable daughter.

The girls were so poor that they had no shoes, and in winter, they had to walk through the snow with simple socks. Years passed and the girls grew into adorable young ladies.

On the night of December 24, they came from the street and took off their soaked socks. They put them to dry by the fireplace. The sisters began to cry. Their father asked them what was wrong with them, and the older one replied:

- I've fallen in love with a soldier, dad, but I can't get married because I don't have a dowry.

- I fell in love with a teacher - said the middle one - but I will not be able to marry due to lack of money.

- And I ... - continued the smallest - I fell in love with a musician, but having no dowry, I can not do anything.

The father lowered his head very sad, and they all went to sleep. What they did not know is that Nicolás, a kind bishop who lived in the same town, had heard everything from the other side of the window. Moved, it occurred to him that he could help. That night, Nicolas put on his red cap and cape and entered the girls' house through the fireplace. He left a sack of money in each of the girls' socks.

The next morning, the girls found the money, and mad with joy, ran to find their partners. That same day, the three girls were married, beaming with happiness.

Nicolás, seeing the joy that this small gesture had caused, decided that every year, Every December 24th, I would leave gifts to as many people as I could. Over the years he became famous, but since no one knew who he really was, they started calling him Santa Claus.

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