Kamasutra for pregnant women

Kamasutra for pregnant women

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I have heard many men say, perhaps as a joke, that their women were very predisposed to have pre-pregnancy sex, but once they conceived, they avoided them as much as possible. However, sex does not have to end in pregnancy, but Yes it can change the woman's need, the postures in which she is more comfortable or the frequency.

In any case, it is important to know that under normal conditions, sex does not pose any danger to the baby, which continues to grow calmly protected within the placenta.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, it is normal for tiredness or other discomfort such as nausea or dizziness to cause a lack of interest in sex. Likewise, the third trimester is likely that the woman is more uncomfortable due to the volume that her belly has acquired, in addition, emotionally, she may be more worried about the preparations and the delivery than about keeping her sexual life up to date.

Apart from these logical changes in pregnant women, sex does not have to end in pregnancy, and many women even say that during their gestation they have led a full and much more pleasant life since they felt their libido was in full swing.

For all those couples who like to try new positions, pregnancy may not be the best time for it, however, with dialogue and understanding, comfortable and pleasant positions can be practiced for both. Those that tend to be better at this stage are:

- To table legs: the woman on her knees and with her hands on the bed. This posture will avoid the man's pressure on the woman's belly.

- The pregnant face up: it will be more comfortable and the man to avoid lying on her can kneel in front of his wife.

- Sideways: the pregnant woman stands on her side and her partner in the same way behind her. It is another way to avoid pressure on the belly.

- The woman on top: It is especially recommended in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy when the pregnant woman still does not bear too much weight and can better control her movements.

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