Stuffed chicken drumsticks or coxinha de frango: Brazilian recipe

Stuffed chicken drumsticks or coxinha de frango: Brazilian recipe

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The children will surely be delighted to try this rich and tender Brazilian recipe. It is a salty snack, typical of Brazilian gastronomy, ideal for a starter, aperitif, for a birthday party or children's dinner. The frango coxinhas or stuffed chicken thighs, are actually croquettes shaped like chicken thighs, with the dough very similar to that of risols.

If you still haven't had the opportunity to try them sometime, this is the chance. We teach them how to make this recipe with chicken, step by step.

  • 1 kg of chicken breast
  • 1 kg of wheat flour
  • 750 ml chicken broth
  • 250 ml of whole or skimmed milk
  • 2 onions and a sprig of parsley
  • 8 ripe tomatoes
  • 200 gr. pitted olives
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 eggs and breadcrumbs
  • Salt and oil

1- Cut the chicken breasts into small pieces.

2- Put the chopped breasts in a pan with hot oil.

3- When they are golden, add water to cover them. Let cook.

4- Remove the breasts, chop them even more, and add chopped olives and parsley. Season them and reserve them.

5- To make the dough, sauté the onions (chopped) with the garlic (minced). When they are golden brown, add the chopped tomatoes (and without skin) and season. Add the chicken broth, the milk, and when it boils, add the flour (little by little) and stir until a dough forms that comes off the bottom of the pot. Let it cool down.

6- When the dough is cold, make small croquettes, add some filling, close them and shape into chicken thighs.

7- Pass the drumsticks through the beaten egg, then through the breadcrumbs, and fry them in plenty of hot oil, until golden brown.

8- Take the drumsticks out of the oil and place them on absorbent paper. You can accompany the drumsticks with a light salad.

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