A baby is born in flight. Births in strange places

All women who have been pregnant have ever feared that situation: that the labor is early or occurs unexpectedly and the birth takes place in an elevator, in a taxi, at work or on an airplane.

Each and every one of those places may surprise, but in each one of them a mother gave birth to her baby. The proof of this is a video that has already gone viral shows how a Taiwanese woman gave birth to a girl on a flight between Bali and Los Angeles.

A Taiwanese woman was flying from Bali to Los Angeles, she was 7 months pregnant so the company did not put restrictions on the woman making the flight. However, that was the moment the little baby chose to be born. The woman began to have contractions 6 hours after the plane took off and the pilot had to ask the passenger for help.

Fortunately, a doctor was flying on that plane and the specialist and the crew attended to the woman. The delivery went smoothly, while the smartphones of the passengers took notice of the exciting moment. One of the passengers shared one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments with the rest of the world.

When the flight attendant took the baby in her arms, the plane erupted in applause. The pilot chose to deviate and land in Alaska where mother and baby received the necessary care and both are in perfect condition.

This has not been the first birth that occurs in a strange place, nor will it be the last, other cases are:

- A woman in Africa gave birth in a tree during a flood.

- In public transport: taxis, metro, bus ...

- A baby was born in 1977 in Antarctica.

- Shopping centers, workplaces, on the street.

And it is that when the labor has begun, there is no one to stop it.

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Video: Gorgonas - A Pregnant Teens Bizarre Public Birth. (July 2021).