Our Lady of Begoña Day, October 11. Names for girls

Our Lady of Begoña Day, October 11. Names for girls

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Begoña is a name for a girl of Basque origin with an uncertain meaning that, in any case, refers to the invocation of the Virgin that bears her name.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not strange or old-fashioned, but it brings a plus of distinction to any girl. Celebrate your name day October 11, which is the day of Our Lady of Begoña.

Because of the meaning of her name, Begoña has a charismatic and overwhelming personality, with a special appeal that is difficult to resist. Begoña triumphs in social relationships due to her contagious joy and generosity, but she also does not lack a great sense of responsibility and a great vital coherence.

The name Begoña is used almost exclusively in the Spanish-speaking world, being very popular among girls born in Vizcaya, where the Virgin of Begoña is the patron saint. In any case, we are facing one of those names that give off beauty and warmth so appropriate for any girl.

The number of relationships that lead us to the name Begoña may help you to choose your baby's name, from the name of a beautiful flower to a well-known neighborhood in Bilbao and the Basilica of the same name. One of those must-see monuments that you cannot miss.

We also know many charismatic women by the name of your daughter. Journalists and writers such as Begoña Aranguren, Begoña Chamorro, Begoña Huertas or Begoña Villamartín. Nor can we forget the actresses Begoña Olavide, Begoña Narváez or Begoña Maestre.

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