Tips for Parents of Tablet Addicted Kids

Tips for Parents of Tablet Addicted Kids

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Nowadays it seems that children are born with a tablet under their arm and the use of these new technologies is almost innate to them. Since children are born they have new technologies around them, so they learn about these devices even before they learn to speak.

What can parents do if their children only want to play with tablets and smartphones? How can they guide them if they feel dependent on new technologies?

Because of this it is almost essential in the education of children that tablets are not the center of attention in their lives and that they focus on learning to enjoy the company of other people and other more active and connected games' with the real life'. If you have a child addicted to the tablet do not miss the following tips.

1. Common place. One way that your child does not become addicted to the tablet is that you always keep this device in a place where the whole family can freely access, such as in the living room. In this way you can monitor what your child is doing and what he is playing at all times.

2.Limit play time. It is necessary that for children to enjoy other activities they have a limited time of play that allows them to be able to carry out other activities.

3. make rules. When a child is addicted to the Tablet, he will not be able to understand that there will be rules and limits, especially when there never have been before. In this sense, it is necessary to notify them in advance when it is time to play and not play. To avoid a tantrum before the end of the game time you will have to give him 10 minutes notice before he has to turn off the device.

4.You are the manager. It is important that children do not have their own tablet as you could lose control of it. They can have a tablet but that is under your responsibility and that they play only when you allow it. If the tablet becomes a serious problem, its use will have to be restricted for a time.

5.Other activities. For some children, games are more than just fun and it is a way to relieve stress and have a better social life. When restricting the use of the tablet make sure that your child can do other activities and that he does not have the smartphone near his pocket. Playing sports, walking or cycling are good examples.

6. And of course, you will not be able to forget to be a good example before your children. Disconnect from so much technology and spend quality time with your children!

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