Treatment-resistant lice threaten back to school

Treatment-resistant lice threaten back to school

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When we have survived the lice in camps during the summer and we think that the fight is over, it is back to school and, therefore, the lice infestations. They are everywhere, in classes, in gyms, in the dining room, in the gym.

This year classes begin with bad news, according to an American study, many lice are becoming resistant to traditional treatments and manage to survive them.

Parents have no weapons other than the den and lice products. It is a non-stop battle throughout childhood, so much so that when children see us armed 'to the teeth', they run away because they know that waiting for a while to be quiet while we end up with nits, eggs and lice.

Nevertheless, the battle is complicated because according to a US report, in 25 of the 30 states analyzed, there were lice that were resistant to conventional treatments.

In samples taken in various areas of the United States and Canada, 99.6 of the lice tested had mutations in their genes that allowed them to resist insecticides such as permethrin and pyrethrin, active ingredients in most over-the-counter products.

Lice insecticides work by entering the nerve cells of the lice and change their chemistry so that they paralyze the muscle and cause its death. Nevertheless, there are lice that have mutations in genes that make them resistant these conventional treatments, according to Richard Pollack, an entomologist at Harvard University.

- There is a new generation of chemicals to combat lice, but they are more expensive and also ineffective in the short or medium term, since the intensive use of any substance causes these bugs to generate resistance against them and place us in the same position.

- Even though louse that resists treatment is becoming more common, experts recommend that we continue to use insecticides.

- Each time there is a proliferation of salons to remove lice from the heads of our children and the cleaners, who will do the 'hard work' for us.

- The best option, according to experts, is the constant checking of our children's heads with cleaners and special combs, and their manual removal. It is a nuisance, for some disgusting, but it is the way to win the battle against these pesky lice.

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