Stories for children. The lost lion

Stories for children. The lost lion

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One very sunny morning at the Xalapa zoo there was a great commotion from the animals, the visitors were restless and the very nervous keepers, Kuasi, the longest star of the zoo, had disappeared.

- It just can not be! Kuasi has disappeared! - shouted the caretaker.

So much was the concern that he had that he decided to start interviewing the animals that he believed could tell him where this tremendous lion was. And that's how it started. The first interviewee was the monkey

- Monito, I'm very worried because Kuasi disappeared, do you know where he is? - Asked the caretaker.

"No, I don't know," he answered.

- Good monkey, thanks. Then I'll ask Mr. Elephant. Let's see Mr. Elephant, do you know what happened to Leon Kuasi? If you know, please tell me.

The elephant said:

-I don't know anything, ask the snake gossip.

Then the caretaker realized that he should immediately question the snake lady, since apparently, she had secret information about the plans of the Kuasi lion. He went to her and said:

- Let's see miss snake, tell me, where is Kuasi?

The snake responded by saying:

- Well, I listened and it's not that I'm a gossip, but the little lion said that he was going to escape from the zoo to see the city. Just listen to that.

Upon hearing from Kuasi, the caretaker decided to undertake the journey and go in search of the tremendous little lion. While the caretaker was dedicated to the search, Kuasi was lost walking among the cars of the city. Kuasi, step by step, went through this new place for him, and, while resting under a tree, Kuasi asked himself:

"What is this strange place called?" Is this the city?

Kuasi could hear music, birdsong, and smelled a rich aroma of popcorn. The smell was making him hungry, but he began to panic when he heard screams and murmurs from people nearby.

Kuasi decided to approach some children and ask them what was happening, the children when they heard the roar began to cry because the lion got very close to them and they felt the ruffled mane. Kuasi wanted to calm them by caressing them with his claws and when they felt that he was hurting them, they ran away.

Then, Kuasi was left alone again, until a little bird that was singing, seeing him worried, approached him and asked him:

-What's wrong with you, little friend?

The lion replied:

- I have lost, I wanted to leave my zoo to know the city but now I do not know how to return with my friends.

The bird with great plumage said to him:

"I'll take you back to them, if you want."

The lion was very happy and asked him to fly to follow him. The little bird and the lion set out on their journey, the lion walked following him and the bird, very happy, let himself be carried away by the wind.

Suddenly they heard a very loud thunder and were scared, but they continued on their way. Shortly after the rain released, both decided to wait a while for the rain to stop and when the rain stopped they continued their journey.

Along the way they met the zookeeper. The lion and the keeper were very happy to be together again. Kuasi moved his hair with the emotion he felt and promised that he would never run away again.

The keeper took Kuasi back to the zoo and, incidentally, took the little bird whom he named Pánfilo. When they arrived at the zoo, the animals were very happy and threw a big party with rockets to celebrate the return of Kuasi the lion and the reception of a new member.

The animals danced and celebrated all day, night fell and the keeper rang the bell that indicated that they should go to rest and that was how the great party ended.


Story sent by Mº Esther García from Mexico.

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