A young Peruvian mom living in Madrid

A young Peruvian mom living in Madrid

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My name is Jouvithssa Ladron de Guevara Saavedra, although it is pronounced Yuvitsa. I am 24 years old and I am a Peruvian mom, born in Cuzco and currently I live in Madrid. I arrived in Spain a year and a half ago and I came for family reunification, since I had my husband working on the other side of the ocean.

Forming and raising a family in a strange country has been difficult for me, especially in the beginning, especially when you have never separated from your family. Mom's advice is missing, whether it is for the babies or in the marriage itself, everything is missed and valued.

For me everything has been new, suddenly one morning I woke up in a strange country, married, with 2 children and only 24 years old. This could be the beginning of a book about my life right now: 'Learning to be a mom, wife and friend'. However, you also realize the great benefits of being in a 'developed' country.

One of the advantages that I can consider of living in Madrid is the ease of being able to access the nursery, the school and their schedules, since it gives you time to work or study.

This is not usual in my country, since mothers spend more time with their children, generally until they are of an age that allows them to be a little more independent.

Although it sounds contradictory, the inconvenience of being a mother in Spain is the little time you can dedicate to your children for work, as well as the lack of my family, friends and customs, which represent a great pain and emptiness.

As for the difference between Peruvian and Spanish mothers based on how little I have been able to observe and taking into account that this is not a contest of who is better, Peruvian moms bring our Latin charisma towards the children, we are very affectionate, perhaps overprotective and often complacent, whereas here the children are more independent, a bit cold with their parents. 'La Fiesta' as my daughter calls her siesta still has a hard time, it has been something new for us.

In my country, well-being and health is for those who have money, this has been a great relief here since you have doctors and pediatricians at your disposal and health is public, even to solve silly doubts.

Also being able to continue with my professional and work life, while having the support of the nursery and school has been an advantage.

Jouvithssa Ladron de Guevara Saavedra, Degree in Tourism

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