How to prevent fungus on children's feet

How to prevent fungus on children's feet

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One of the most common problems in children and also in adults are foot fungus. Although they can appear at any time of year, the risk of fungus in children's feet increases in summer due to the use of public swimming pools and to wearing bare feet. Although fungi do not pose a serious health problem, they should be treated as soon as possible.

Foot fungus are infections They can appear on the sole of the child's foot, between the fingers or on the nails. When fungi appear on the sole of the foot and on the toes, it is called athlete's foot and presents symptoms such as itching, redness of the affected area, peeling and even blisters on the feet. To treat athlete's foot we must take the child to the pediatrician as soon as possible.

There is another type of fungal foot infection that onychomycosis and that is limited to the child's toenails, although if not treated in time it can spread to other areas of the foot. The symptoms of onychomycosis are observed when the nail begins to change color, turns yellow and increases its thickness. It is also essential the medical treatmentBut in both cases, for athlete's foot and for onychomycosis, the best treatment is prevention.

A fungal infection in the feet is contagious, which is why it is an especially common ailment in summer when children go barefoot in swimming pools.

1. Special care must be taken that children use flip flops as much as possible and not have the wet feet for a long time because humidity favors the appearance of fungi.After bathing on the beach or in the pool, children dry themselves in the sun, but we can always dry with a towel at least those areas between the toes that are the most at risk of fungal appearance.

2. Footwear that they use must also be monitored, making sure that it is made of natural materials and that it lets the foot breathe. The sweat of the feet not only produces a bad smell, but it is the ideal medium for fungi to reproduce.

3. A good way to prevent fungus on children's feet is to help them dry their feet thoroughly after showering. Then we can spray their feet with talcum powder to avoid excessive sweating and humidity. It is also important to change shoes and socks several times a day if they are used, so that the feet stay clean and the shoes free of bacteria.

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