Recipes with tomato. Fun recipes for kids

Recipes with tomato. Fun recipes for kids

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Fruits and vegetables are the biggest headaches for parents when it comes to organizing their children's meals. So here you have a selection of recipes for children with tomato, fun and original proposals.

The presentation of the dishes does a lot for both children and adults, the pleasant appearance can make a dish more attractive or even make children dare to try it and overcome an initial rejection of a food.

Tomato is a very nutritious vegetable and recommended in any menu, it is part of the Mediterranean diet. In addition, as you can see, there are infinite possibilities to cook tomatoes, from the simplest to the most elaborate, there are many recipes.

The tomato provides many vitamins, especially those of groups A and D, but also many others, although in lower amounts. In addition, the tomato has many minerals that children need for their growth. Among them are iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium or magnesium.

Many of these recipes, which are very simple and entertaining, can be a lot of fun for children to encourage them to cook.

Fun salad with cherry tomatoes. Fun salad with scrambled eggs and mushrooms made from tomato and sausage. How to decorate children's food. Ideas to decorate that children eat vegetables. Tomato mushrooms and salad with cheese and scrambled eggs.

Cherry tomato omelette. Cherry tomato omelette with cheese recipe. Quick and easy recipes are also the ones that are most successful with children and parents, like this recipe offered by our site.

Spider with cherry tomatoes. At children's parties we can prepare healthy and quick snacks like these spiders with cherry tomatoes, a very fun recipe for children that you can cook with them. Spider-shaped cherry tomatoes recipe for children.

Tomato soup with smiley face. Easy tomato soup recipe. Tomato soup with a face, a fun dish for children. Decorated food recipes for children. How to make tomato soup for children.

Cherry tomato quiche. Learn how to make a cherry tomato cheese quiche for the whole family. our site offers us a recipe that can be a precious gift for Mother's Day, if our children prepare it. A good choice for any family celebration, such as birthdays.

Tomato and olive ladybugs. The starters and appetizers are one of the best options when cooking with children. These are usually easy recipes, with simple ingredients, that are prepared quickly and do not involve danger, as is the case with this recipe for tomato and olive ladybugs.

Eggplant tower with tomato. Eggplant tower recipe with tomato and cheese. Our site offers us to present vegetables to children in an attractive and fun way: A tower of eggplant with tomato and baked parmesan.

Cherry tomato soup. Tomato is a very nutritious food for children, but since they do not usually like it, we propose a recipe for children of roasted tomato soup and cherry tomatoes that they will not be able to resist.

Tomatoes stuffed with tuna with basil. On hot days we can organize a family picnic and prepare this recipe for children of tomatoes stuffed with tuna and basil, a quick recipe.

Andalusian gazpacho. Homemade gazpacho recipe, one of the most popular and traditional dishes of Spanish gastronomy. our site offers us the step by step of this classic recipe, to prepare it for children on the hottest days. Learn to make Andalusian gazpacho adapted to the taste of children.

Tomato, cheese and avocado banners. Banderillas are one of the starters that most entertain children. Tomato, cheese and avocado skewers for Christmas dinner. How to make a tomato, cheese and avocado starter for children. Skewers and starters for Christmas.

Andalusian salmorejo. Andalusian salmorejo recipe, step by step. our site offers us an ideal recipe for hot days. Try the recipe for this soft and exquisite Andalusian salmorejo with the children. A soup with tomato and bread, healthy and appetizing.

Zucchini, tomato and cheese omelette. A homemade zucchini, tomato and cheese omelette recipe that will conquer the children's taste for vegetables. our site brings us an easy and very quick recipe to prepare for both lunch and dinner for the little ones in the house.

Fried Green Tomatoes. Learn how to make Fried Green Tomatoes, a movie recipe for kids. our site offers this popular and homemade recipe, step by step. In addition, it is a good way for children to eat tomato, a vegetable that is very rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

Canape of eggplant with tomato. Canape of eggplant, tomato and cheese. our site shows us how to prepare this recipe for a canapé or montadito with eggplant, tomato and cheese. A good and delicious way for children to try eating vegetables. A recipe for a starter or an aperitif.

Tomato and mozzarella tower. Presentation is key when preparing a children's menu, which is why this tomato and mozzarella tower recipe is so appreciated, a very cheerful Italian recipe.

Italian tomatoes with tuna. Italian cuisine is one of the favorites of children, so you can experiment with this recipe for children of tomatoes stuffed with tuna and Italian pomodoro

Pasta with aubergine sauce and tomatoes. Fusilli pasta recipe in aubergine and tomato sauce. Guiainfantil offers you an easy, inexpensive, vegetarian recipe, ideal for children who need to maintain weight.

Tomatoes with Russian salad. The Russian salad is very popular in picnics and trips, give it an original presentation with this recipe for children of tomatoes stuffed with Russian salad.

Tomatoes with prawns. To encourage children to try vegetables and fish, which are not usually liked, you have a recipe for children of tomatoes stuffed with prawns and mayonnaise.

Roasted tomatoes with meat. You can prepare your child a recipe for children with very simple and inexpensive ingredients but attractive appearance, like these roasted tomatoes stuffed with meat and vegetables.

Tomato with egg and bechamel. Children who eat little put parents in a lot of trouble, for them we have this recipe for children of tomato stuffed with egg and potato, an appetizer for children.

Cherry tomato skewers. At birthday parties or picnics, we need easy kid-friendly recipes like two cheese cherry tomato skewers.

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