How to avoid bad breath in children

How to avoid bad breath in children

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That a child's breath smells bad can be something temporary, but as it happens with adults, this is something uncomfortable that the person who suffers it does not like at all, nor many times the people around them.

Therefore, the most important thing is to know how we can prevent our children from having unpleasant breath by helping ourselves with home tricks and natural remedies that will make them feel much better.

The reasons why a child may have at a certain time bad breath they are the most varied. This may be due in the first instance to having a problem with your teeth or not washing them properly, as they can accumulate bacteria in the mouth they don't go away easily.

On the other hand, the unpleasant smell in the mouth of a child it may be due to having another health problem that it would be advisable to consult a specialist, since it would have the key cause. If, on the contrary, it is due to a symptom of tooth growth, a incorrect oral hygiene or the intake of some foods, then the homemade tricks will help us to solve the problem.

- Food: As for food, many times the bad breathAs in adults, it can be caused by excess fat and protein, which is reduced if the balanced diet contains fruits and vegetables.

- Oral hygiene: The most important thing after eating is cleaning your mouth, and so that your breath does not smell, in addition to washing your teeth thoroughly with the appropriate brushes, it is also recommended to use mouthwashes or rinses. In addition, it is also advisable to use these products that are not aggressive to the child's mouth, and that they always wash both the tongue and the gums so that no food remains. The use of fluoride once a week also contributes not only to hygiene, but also to good smell.

- Natural rinse: You can use some plants like echinaccea to make a natural mouthwash. Boil the leaves of this plant and prepare an infusion. Once cooled, you can give it to your child to finish the oral cleaning.

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