#FinAlMaltrato: Let's stop child abuse

#FinAlMaltrato: Let's stop child abuse

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UNICEF has launched a digital campaign with the title #FinAlMaltrato: Let's stop child abuse. It does not take much explanation to know that it is about raising awareness in the population to eradicate violence against children and change the way of thinking of many parents who believe that hitting their child is part of their education.

This campaign is presented accompanied by a series of videos that have been recorded in public places in Buenos Aires, Asunción, Santiago and Montevideo and in which human statues imitate situations in which adults mistreat children: either with shouting, punishment or physical violence.

UNICEF offices in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay are especially concerned about child abuse throughout Latin America, and I know that only in Chile 71% of children say they receive some type of violence from their parents and 25.9% of them state that it is serious physical violence. In Chile there is still no law that prohibits child abuse, not in Paraguay either. In Argentina it will come into force in August 2015 and in Uruguay it was approved in 2007 although physical and psychological violence continues to be naturalized in the behavior of parents.

Violence against a child can be of many types, the most common are:

- Psychological: parents punish, yell, insult or make fun of their children.

- Mild physical: they pull their ears, their hair, shake them, push them or give them whips and cakes.

- Serious physics: they hit them with a closed fist, bite, kick, burn or threaten with weapons.

Even today, many people think that nothing happens by slapping a child at a certain moment, they think that certain physical measures serve to educate the child, so that he learns that this behavior is not appropriate. It is curious how many of these parents excuse themselves by saying that they were beaten as children and it has not created any trauma and they have grown up happy. But, has it really not affected his way of being? Every experience shapes a person's character, receiving slaps too.

It is true that with a child you cannot argue as with an adult, but is that the reason to fix it with a slap or a spanking? That some find arguments in favor of child abuse seems crazy to me. I would like to see those people receiving a cake when they make a mistake in their work, when they have been unfair to their brothers, when they have lied to a friend or when they have accidentally thrown an object in an establishment.

Source: UNICEF

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